Shipping & Delivery

The average delivery time will be 2-8 days. Maximum delivery time will be 8 days depending on your location in case of rural area. When you place an order, we will ship your product and you will be notified through email and SMS.

You will get every detail lIke order has been packed, order has been shipped, order is in in transit, order is out for delivery Etc. Make sure if you are not able to recieve the product on the same day by which it’s out for delivery, kindly take the delivery guy personal phone number so later whenever you will call him he will come and deliver the product but make sure you are taking his personal number.

In case if you are not able to recieve the call because of some issue, you will get an SMS mentioning that your order has been undelivered from Courier Partner, so kindly click on that SMS Link from Courier Partner and reschedule the delivery according to your choice.

Do not share your Product packet cover with the delivery boy.

For example, after the delivery if courier boy asks for the pacakging packet inside which your product will be there, please don’t share the cover of packet no matter what is the issue he is saying and don’t pay any delivery boy through online unless they are in front of you and delivering your product at that time itself.