Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and condition carefully before placing an order.

If you asked for return after processing every information, we will provide you refund or store credit or coupon for future use.

We take our products from workers who made all these items by hand. No automated machine are involved. So if you buy from us, the amount will go to them.

Disclaimer of liability will specify the damages that one party e.g. Our store owner, will be obligated to provide to the other e.g. customer, in the event of product failure and should reflect the level of risk involved. It will also specify what the Our store owner will not be responsible for in the event of any loss, liability, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential), personal injury or expense of any nature whatsoever which may be suffered by the customer. If you want to return any product, just contact us.

Payment Terms should set out how payment is to be made when purchasing products/or services from our website. More often than not, full payment is required when an order is placed by a customer. This means that as an Our store, we are not required to provide any goods until payment has been received. Some sites will stipulate that until payment has actually cleared, no orders will be dispatched. In the case where payment does not clear, the Our site has a right to cancel the order completely. These extra clauses serve as further protection to a business.

Data Protection should disclose how customer’s personal information will be used, stored and protected.

Delivery Terms should cover both shipping and delivery and would typically include what the delivery costs are and how shipping charges are calculated but also (where third party service providers are involved) that the quality of delivery cannot be guaranteed. You can expect the estimated delivery with in 56 to 60 days. We ship our products from our partners so everything is depend on them.

Product Information & Warranties should set out clear terms on how products can be purchased, whether there are any restrictions e.g. the restriction of sale for age-restricted products and services, and what happens in the event that a product cannot be supplied. Some online stores will also include warranty information as part of their terms and conditions whereas others will have a separate Warranty policy.

The average delivery time will be 56 days. Maximum delivery time will be 70 days. When you place an order, our sellers will ship your product and you will be notified through email.

Right to cancel – This clause should set out the circumstances in which the customer has the right to cancel their order, the process in which they must follow in cancelling their order and any other requirements e.g. goods must remain unused and returned in it’s original packaging.

External Links are often provided on sites for the user’s convenience but there should be a clause to state that the links, and the related content, are outside of the control of the Our store owner and usage should be at the user’s/customer’s own risk.
Website Terms of Use simply sets out the terms for accessing a website and applies to every single visitor. The terms of use usually cover items such as privacy and prohibited uses of the website.